Bourbon must be produced in the USA from a grain mix of at least 51% corn and distilled at less than 160 proof (80% ABV). No additives allowed (except water to reduce proof where necessary). Aged in new, charred white oak barrels, and aged for a minimum of two years* (in order to be called “straight” bourbon) BOURBON’S INGREDIENTS Simply put, the main bourbon ingredients are distilled grain and water.

We mix more than 51% corn (as required by the government) with barley, malt and rye. Then we add a little yeast. Not just any yeast, either. We’ve used the same, private-stock strain of yeast since Prohibition was repealed. Then we add pure, iron-free water, some time and a whole lotta love. (Source: Jim Beam)

Pecks Wines & Spirits is proud to stock the following brands of Bourbon, as of March 2018


Small Batch, Single Barrel

Angels Envy

Basil Haydens


Old No. 8 Brand

Bird Dog
Small Batch, 10 Year Old

Blantons (Highly allocated)

8 Years Old

Bulleit (also stock Barrel Strength)

Eagle Rare

Tommy’s Batch 2017-01

Blade & Bow (Out of stock)
91 Proof

Buffalo Trace

Corner Creek 10 year

Knob Creek
Small Batch 9 year old

Evan Williams
Blank Label and Single Barrel 209

Elijah Craig
Small Batch

Four Roses
Single barrel and small batch

Heavens Door

IW Harper
Regular & 15 year

Kentucky Owl

92 Proof Small Batch

Noah’s Miu (out of stock)

James E. Pepper
1776 100 proof

Jeffersons Reserve
Old Rum Cask Finish, Pritchard Hill Cabernet Cask Finish, Very Small Batch

Old Pogue
Masters Select

Makers Mark
Straight, Cask Strength

Makers 46

Old Grand Dad
100 Proof

McKenna (Out of stock)
10 Year old

Rebel Yell

Rowans Creek

EH Taylor (Out of stock)
Small batch

Three Chord

Town Branch

Wild Turkey
81º, 100º, Rare Breed, Single Barrel, Long Branch

Willett (Out of stock)
Small batch 750ml, and 1.75l

Wood Ford Reserve
Masters Collection, Double Oak, Chemy Wood, Smoked Barley

Yellowstone (Out of stock)
93 Proof, Barrel Bourbon, 101 Proof 2017 Edition, Corner Creek Reserve, Wathens Single Barrel


Jack Daniels
Old No. 7, Green Label, Red Dog Saloon, Single Barrel, Single Barrel Proof, Sinatra Select

Pigleg Parker
8 Year Old

Prichards Double Barrelled

George Dickel #12

Gentleman Jack


Black Button Distilling

Clayton Distillery

Taconic Distillery
Dutchess Private Reserve

Tuthill Distillery
Hudson Baby, Four Grain

Orange County Distillers 375ml

Black Dirt Distillery
3 Year Old, Single Barrel (750, 375ml), Crown Maple

Catskill Distillery
Most Righteous

Widow Jane
10 Year

Hill Rock
Solera Aged


John J. Bowman
Virginia Single Barrel

Straight Edge

Few Spirits

Garrison Brothers
Single Barrel

Wyoming Whiskey
Small Batch

AD Laws
Colorado 4 Grain Straight