Bourbon is as American as apple pie and we have a large selection of it.

Jack Daniels and other fine whiskies are aged in oak barrels for complexity.

Absolut variety. We have the largest selection of the finest vodkas in the region.

The real José Cuervo. Discover the differences during our Friday night tastings.

Australia. It's just one of the many wine regions we represent.

Chandon. Moet's champagne house in Yountville, CA is spectacular.

Customer Comments . . .

I was really impressed with the service I got when I was looking for pineapple schnapps. The clerk took my information and I had the product only a couple days later. I made pineapple sorbet and noticed you carry Solerno blood orange liqueur. That's my favorite flavor. And I also didn't have to pay ridiculous shipping costs. Soon I will make a watermelon sorbet, so I will be back soon. Thank you. - Carol R.

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Friday Tastings

Each Friday we sample different wines and/or spirits, depending upon our mood, what we feel like, or whether one of our suppliers is introducing something new to us. Does your opinion count? Of course!


Extensive Wine Selection

The finest wine regions in the world are located in Europe, United States, Australia, South America, and South Africa. It's where vitus vinifera thrives. But we also carry some beautiful hybrids. Just ask! And, of course, we have an extensive group of sparkling wines, champagnes, cava, and spumanti.

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Need Wine & Beverage Catering?

Even parties at home can be a hassle. With our catering capabilities, just leave all the heavy lifting to us. We'll take care of the stemware, the empties, the wines & spirits, and ensure that everything is within your budget.